Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi
nicolò cesa-bianchi
Professor of Computer Science

Dipartimento di Informatica
& Data Science Research Center
Università degli Studi di Milano

Room 7007
via Celoria 18
20133 Milano, Italy
Phone:   +39-02-503-16280
Email:   nicolo.cesa-bianchi  [at]
  • Design and analysis of machine learning algorithms for prediction, clustering, and online decision-making.
  • Algorithms for multiarmed bandit problems, with applications to online markets.
  • Graph analytics, with applications to social networks and bioinformatics.
LAILA Laboratory for AI and Learning Algorithms


Perdition, burning, and flames (a hell of a book)

NeurIPS 2022.
The ELLIS network and the Milan ELLIS unit

The European Network of AI Excellence Centres (ELISE)
The European Lighthouse on Secure and Safe AI (ELSA)

ELLIS PhD Program: Call for Applications (deadline: November 15, 2022)

Associate editor for: TheoretiCS and Information and Inference

Statistical Methods for Machine Learning (since 2009)
2021-22 edition, 2022-23 edition

Reinforcement Learning Laboratory (since 2022)

Complementi di Algoritmi e Strutture Dati
(dal 2016, anni alterni)

Teoria dei Grafi (dal 2019, anni alterni)